Edea figure skates and boots for kids and adults

Italian label EDEA provides a special ice skating products for skilled figure skating. Choosing premium materials and modern design, EDEA’s creator introduced an initial product line to the world that satisfies the high needs of expert sport.
Nowadays EDEA figure skates and shoes are considered the very best ones for advanced skaters and high-level professional athletes. Products are perfect in each and every single information.
High quality, design, and ergonomics of EDEA items today are recognized world wide by knowledgeable professionals and beginners, coaches, and professional athletes. Italian brand name EDEA offers a huge selection of high-quality figure skates and a variety of to practice figure skating. Item of among the most popular and fastest growing firms are in fantastic demand due to the trendy unique design of the skate shoes, which have actually been just the current technological innovations completely compliance with global requirements. This is the main element of the growing around the world success of the Italian label EDEA.

Label History

The Italian business EDEA was founded reasonably recently: in the beginning of 2000. The owner of the business, Sabrina Merlo, is the granddaughter of the famous Armando Ritso, the owner and the creator of the well-known brand Risport, which concentrates on creating and producing sports apparel since 1972. Using fundamental industrial advancements of the family organisation and an ingenious technique to the style of the items for figure skating, Sabrina Merlo has developed the new, distinct skating boots and ice skates, which almost instantly have actually become popular amongst the most well-known professional athletes: Patrick Chan, Yuzuru Hanyu, Oda, Joshi Helgesson and other stars. The desires and recommendations of professionals were the clients requirements while modeling; just top quality products, and unique technical options were used.

Features and advantages of the main EDEA products:

Nowadays EDEA company one of leading positions in the figure skating market. The Specialists likewise keeps in mind the following advantages of all EDEA models:
– lightweight,
– structural boots,
– special lacing system with steel components, utilized for reducing the pressure of the shoe that takes the kind of the leg,
– a new concept of hooks,
– foot ventilation in the shoe through holes set up in the heel and sole.

The producer wished to produce products including improved comfort compared with the canons, well-established on the marketplace of products for figure skating. This goal has been achieved: EDEA figure skates differ with the smooth lines, high ergonomics, and convenient lacing system. Even the names of EDEA models duplicate the musical terms: they are filled with covert expression and softness.
When utilizing the products of this brand, all skaters take note of their unbelievable lightness: the mass of the EDEA skates are 300 grams less than a basic pair of skates. This aspect allows professional athletes to leap much greater, making more pirouettes possible.
These shoes are not just skates. It is the perfection of believed expressed in physical type, the continuation of an athlete, a reflection of love and reverent mindset to the preferred sport.