ZUCA BAGS- All-Purpose Travel Bags

ZUCA offers a huge variation of high quality bags for younger and adult custumers. ZUCA product lines were produced people who take pleasure in travelling and do it a lot. Bags by ZUCA will help to take the load off of the back, which in return will help with long-lasting motion without triggering harm to health.

When packing for a vacation, individuals are often dealt with a concern “Where do I put all this things so my bag will be compact and practical to use?” ZUCA makers have actually developed special mobile bags on wheels, which are convenient to roll along and easy to carry on up and down the stairs. Bags by ZUCA do not let in the moisture and retain their shape as a case, no matter whether they are complete or not. ZUCA bags come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. There are more than a thousand variations.

All ZUCA bags look really elegant. Their performance is provided by internal compartments and numerous inserts, which can be fast removed and washed. The bags are machine washable– all you need is to eliminate them from the frame. The wheels have a special finishing, which prevents them from scratching the floor.

For many years, ZUCA has produced carriers and bags on wheels in order to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding tourists or athletes. in fact, ZUCA bags had been initially planned for travel with a particular function. Small suitcases created for a single person are in great demand– generally for organisation journeys; they can also be very tiny and medium. A small suitcase is lighter and mobile; you will not have to pay extra charges for it at the airport– you will not even have to inspect it in.

Where to buy ZUCA bags?

The online shop https://figureskatingstore.com/ offers a full series of products of the famous American brand ZUCA, which makes products specifically for those who wants movement and flexibility of movement and take care of their health. ZUCA branded luggage will get rid of the load from your back and allows you to enjoy the trip without worrying about luggage.

ZUCA Luggage will suit anyone who takes a trip frequently. Another bestseller is ZUCA Sport, designed specifically for athletes to fit everything essential for training and relieve the load off of the spinal column. These bags are likewise in excellent need among trainees carrying heavy books, sports uniform, and other things, because this is the only defense versus scoliosis. ZUCA have accentuated the needs of hair stylists, makeup artists, and stylists, who often travel around the world visiting their clients. Needless to say, their expert stuff should be constantly in order, containers and tools should remain undamaged. For representatives of these professions, a special luggage for cosmetics has been developed– Zuca Artist. In addition, ZUCA has created a special backpack for extremely mobile people, who spend lots of days on the road. Picnic lovers will definitely appreciate the refrigerator bag on wheels. Another bag is the bag for a pet carrier, extremely convenient and comfy to carry.


Long time, ZUCA Company is taken part in production and also selling of unique sports bags with wheels, which lower the strain on the spinal column. The issue of lugging hefty and also significant travel luggage was relevant at all times, however today it had obtained unique urgency. The development of guest trips generally and tourist in particular, the desire making transport of equipment for the professional tasks in one of the most ergonomic method, and the academic system’s habit to fill the students with not just understanding yet additionally a substantial collection of books: all that made the suggestion to work more actively in this field.

History of the company

The creation of the very first ZUCA bag on wheels, which gave the first impetus to the growth of such popular items, was the result of not endeavour to increase sales but the very best of human – a mom’s love and desire to take care of the kid.The company ZUCA was founded by caring parents, Laura as well as Nick Yewdall. One day the couple found out that their little girl was ill with scoliosis. They wanted to do something to help the suffering child as well as other children with the very same trouble. That’s how ZUCA bags have appeared.

Along with the items for schoolchildrenwere made products for figure skaters. This series of bags goes under the name ZUCA Sport Bags. They are used to transport various sporting Inventory. The stylish-looking bag Zuca helps to highlight the originality of its holder. ZUCA Sport products line is just one of the very best top quality sports bags on wheels.

The primary benefits

– The unique style,

– durable and also light-weight aluminum framework, for loads up to 150 kg,

– comfortable telescoping handle,

– quiet double wheels, suppressing vibrations and also glowing while driving,

– water-proof detachable “liner” made of strengthened nylon,

– made in the USA.

All items by ZUCA Company are of top quality. The body of each is constructed from a strong frame. It is very light and weighs roughly speaking 4.1 kg. The corps is covered with the water-proof polyurethane, so you will not stress over your thingspersonal goods during wet weather.

ZUCA Sport bag has the ability to hold a great deal of things while being very portable. You can with ease put all your sports devices in the case. This bag for carrying sports items as well as form will not take up too much place in transport as well as don’t inhibit you as you move down the street.

Dual wheels system devour shake when driving and also permits you to shipping luggage promptly and conveniently. With a ZUCA bag, it’s very easy to overcome stair as well as any kind of bumps. Nylon-6, the material which covers the bag’s legs, defend them, particularly when driving on grit and also sand. In addition, the Zuca bag will never scratch the parquet, laminate or tile.

ZUCA bag care

In a case of contamination the product, it can be quite quickly washed. To do this, you just have to get rid of the cover from the aluminum case. Prior to cleaning, make certain to fasten all straps, zippers, and locks.The bag collection consists of 2 pairs of wheels, they are ultra-light and luminous. You could acquire an additional set of wheels as well as quickly change the existing ones.

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Zuca bag (Review)

ZUCA is a fast-growing American company that has in fact regulated a place of honor on the market of rolling bags because its center in 2004. As well as appropriately so! ZUCA bags display a wonderful mix of functional features in addition to incredibly innovative styles. Currently just how specifically ZUCA developers as well as programmers were able to create a bag that practically every person wishes to have? Allow’s take a far better look at their formula for success:

ZUCA bags mean uniformity and flexibility in one great mix. All classic ZUCA bags have an invariable configuration: Structure + Insert + Tools. Nonetheless each of these components is available in numerous dimensions, kinds as well as styles that makes ZUCA feel and look not just numerous however special.



The basis of a ZUCA is a solid steel structure created from a light aluminum alloy. This framework is designated to maintain a weight of as much as 300 pounds. that makes ZUCAS ideal for sitting. For this reason, when acquiring a ZUCA bag you acquire a double profit by in addition obtaining a safe and also safe and secure mobile chair.

ZUCA structure is geared up with a comfy telescopic manage and a double collection of 4″ polyurethane wheels. The wheels are especially made to have 2 exceptional residential properties: capacity to climb the stairways easily and also capacity to take in both shock in addition to sound. By doing this, a ZUCA owner will certainly be able to enthusiastically step without having to disclose his/her existence with the audio of rolling wheels (like when it involves lots of different other bags). Furthermore you might be believing about buying a ZUCA framework with flashing LED wheels that will certainly lighten your life in the night time making you noticeable and risk-free.

On top of that, ZUCA is made unbelievably safe and secure for positioning with its two nylon feet that are entirely safe for any kind of kind of scratchable area. ZUCA frames come in different tones. You could select a silent shade that will certainly match any kind of sort of print of your insert or amongst the loud colors to match your character.


When it concerns inserts ZUCA bags are unrivaled in the market. Made from strong and also durable water-proof polyester ZUCA insert bags may be dealt with and hand-washed any type of time. The traditional insert bags have an impressive ability of 29 L. Nonetheless the capacity could differ from version to design.

Variety and imagination of insert styles have wound up being the ZUCA brand name identification. You can choice the bag of your dreams among solid colors, ingenious prints or decorated designs. ZUCA goes a lengthy approach making their styles one-of-a-kind. Besides the daily work of internal programmers, ZUCA holds an annual Shield Me Zuca Design Object to among a wide public following which the perfectly formats are picked and then brought out in brand-new ZUCA bags. You could inspect out the latest layouts of ZUCA insert bags at FigureSkatingStore.com today.


ZUCA offers a number of devices to make your bag much more useful. You can upgrade your personal ZUCA bag or make an existing to a liked one picking from a huge range of products. All ZUCA tools from name tags to lunch boxes and take a trip covers will certainly have the invariable ZUCA excellent quality, design as well as performance. You could locate a significant alternative of ZUCA accessories at FigureSkatingStore.com


Who requires to have a ZUCA bag? The reaction is: simply pertaining to any person. ZUCA is a truly multi-purpose bag which you can use for: daily requirements, purchasing, firm journeys, pet carriage, sports devices, professional tools as well as lots of various other circumstances when you have to lug a heavy whole lots. ZUCA quite carefully examines the demands of its consumers producing certain lines of ZUCA things. The special-purpose collections contain travelling, company, outside, family animal, musician and also numerous other specialized bags enhanced with certain features for their indicated use. Hence, you could acquire a specifically equipped ZUCA bag for business taking a trip with included example areas or a ZUCA bag for pet canines with a breathing insert as well as additionally a comfortable pet lining. ZUCA is particularly valuable for lugging sporting activities equipment such as skates along with skating devices. With its outstanding capability it will absolutely aid a skater to save the beneficial power for the skating method.

ZUCA bags as well as also devices are a great present to on your own or your taken pleasure in ones! It will certainly offer its function for several years as well as may swiftly wind up being one of among one of the most beneficial factors in your residence. You could choose your great ZUCA bag at FigureSkatingStore.com an accredited dealer of ZUCA trademark name. All architectural elements of ZUCA bags frameworks, inserts and likewise devices, can be purchased individually.